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Land Transport Finance

Driven by its Know-How in the area of Land Transport Finance, ITF Suisse is available to offer complementary financing to banks by providing balance sheet volume at any stage of the Rail market cycle.

For the key deal parameters please refer to the summary below. If you would like further details or would like to discuss specific transactions please feel free to contact our team of dedicated Relationship Managers.

ITF Suisse looks forward to participating in senior, asset secured pre- and post-delivery asset finance on the following basis:

  • The size per transaction should not be below USD 10 million
  • Our share in the total finance shall not exceed 30%.
  • The term of the facility can be up to 18 years and the asset age at maturity should not exceed 25 years for freight and passenger cars and 20 years for locos, EMUs and DMUs.
  • The involved parties within the transaction should fall within our accepted risk categories. The Risk countries for the transactions should have an investment grade rating from Moody’s or S&P.